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What Is Most Important

There’s more to it than just hiring a magician, speaker or comedian. We understand the importance of knowing who you are, and we demand that of those we send out. Their passion HAS to be our passion. Before, during and after the event. And not in some whitewashed way. True inner desire to create that feeling of “you are special” in each and every one of the people who attend your event. This is about making a difference in the lives of those around you.

Expect From Your Event

Let’s answer that question before we hire anyone

Speakers Bands Magicians Comedians who connect to your audience

More than entertainment. Much more than a speaker on stage. This is about making a difference in the lives around you. We have built relationships with performers and speakers around the country who get that. Our passion is their passion … before, during and after the event.

It’s a big job to find a performer who can fill these shoes. What are your goals for your event? Do you want any old performer or speaker? You want someone who is passionate about your goals and your people.

You will get a performance that will be forever etched in people’s minds and hearts. Their laughter is genuine. They know you have given them a once-in-a-lifetime experience that no one can ever take away from them.

My staff and I are always available for you, no matter what your question may be. It doesn’t have to be related to a specific event, I’m more than happy to discuss anything entertainment or speaker related, any time, with you. I am just a phone call or email away:

502-276-3737  or toll free at 844-276-3737

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